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Status for WhatsApp is a very particular app on which you'll find all kinds of WhatsApp statuses that you can use to switch up your profile every day, without having to repeat a single one of the 100 available options. Give your WhatsApp a change of style each day thanks to the large catalog of possibilities provided by this app.

The application's interface is organized by categories, so you can browse different options in an orderly way. You can find phrases for absolutely anything. You can apologize, celebrate something important, share a phrase about love or friendship, or express your feelings in a simple way with this application. Open each of the tabs and find dozens of phrases to say anything and everything you want. These are the available categories:

- General statuses
- Love statuses
- Breakup statuses
- Fun statuses
- Good morning statuses
- Flirty statuses
- Original statuses
- Apology statuses
- Intelligent statuses
- Christmas statuses
- Friendship statuses
- Literary statuses
- Jokes
- Motivational statuses
- Truths

Besides finding a large variety of statuses for WhatsApp, there are also some that include emoji. You can also send your own to the application so that other users can use them for themselves. To do this, all you have to do is tap on the new status button, choose a category to add it to, and type your status. On the other hand, if you really like a certain status and want to remember it forever, you can add it to your favorites to access it more quickly.
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